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Points of Interest on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic

Playa Grande (Cabrera)

Voted as one of the 10 best beaches in the world by Condé Nast travel magazine, this long stretch of white sand and clear turquoise waters is edged on each side by spectacular cliffs. This is the beach for relaxing while you take in the beauty of the area, or on days when the surf is up, catching a wave or two body surfing or body boarding. A row of very small Dominican shacks (restaurants) vie for your food and beverage business, serving an array of fresh seafood and typical Dominican cuisine, on tables just in front of them. If you like, they'll also bring your food right to your chair on the beach.

Dudu Lagoon and Blue Lagoon (Cabrera)

Not far east of Cabrera you will find these freshwater lagoon phenomenons, offering the visitor a unique experiences. They offer fantastically clear freshwater pools. The Blue Lagoon appears so clean that is shimmers a shade of blue. The Dudu Lagoon is in the shape of a crater reminding of the famous cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. You can jump into either one of them for a refreshing swim. The surroundings are truely beautiful. Some dive operation use the Dudu Lagoon for first classic cave scuba-diving.

Gri Gri Lagoon (Rio San Juan)

The Gri Gri Lagoon area offers boat trips through it's winding waters where mangrove forests make a canopy over most of your journey. During this trip you'll see caves that are unique to this area of the country, life the 'cave of the swallows', and can take advantage of swimming in 'La Piscina', a crystal clear ocean cove where the lagoon ends.

Islabon Jungle River Tour (Cabarete)

You can explore the Islabon and Yasica rivers by boat to its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean. You can also walk through jungle trails to a mini zoo that includes iguanas, snakes, turtles, ravens and a monkey (which are a little unorganized or can be wrongly labeled). Guides explain the origin and uses of different flora and talk about some of the popular types of fishing that is done in this area.

Scenic Drive: Cordillera Septentrional Route (Cabarete)

About 15 minutes east of Cabarete you can turn south onto the Moca Mountain Route that runs into the Cordillera Septentrional Mountain area. The drive passes through small Dominican villages and farm areas and you'll have panoramic views of the countryside along the way. If you keep driving you'll eventually end up in the city of Moca, the cigar-making capital of the Dominican Republic. This mountain road allows you views of the beautiful Cibao Valley and is an absolute favorite of motor bikers looking for a winding scenic bike tour.

El Choco National Park (Cabarete)

This lush and diverse 77 square kilometers of protected area was named a national monument. The park has unique geological formations to the DR, called the 'Caribbean Karst', as well as 862 species of flora, 12 species of bats, and 36 species of birds . The park is comprised of pasture land, a lagoon, and a jungle area that contains the many lush tropical plants, exotic birds, caves and fresh water springs.

Columbus Water Park (Sosua)

This waterslide park is the biggest in the Caribbean. The park has a good number of different types (levels) of slides, as well as swimming pools, restaurants, bars and shops. Occasionally on weekends they also provide live musical performances by internationally popular singers/bands. The park can get quite busy on the weekends in the summer with the local population.

Scenic Drive: Carretera Touristica Route (between Sosua and Puerto Plata)

About half-way between Sosua and Puerto Plata, you'll turn off south on a road that takes you into the interior of the country, towards the city of Santiago. If you want to rent a car or bike, you'll find this an interesting route for a drive to see other parts of the country. Along the road Dominican vendors sell their particular specialties, which include fresh cheese, meat, fruit, flowers, and hand made furniture. This route has incredible views of the hills and countryside of the area, as well as the Atlantic Ocean in some spots, very far below. There are a few places you can stop along the way for a refreshing drink or a bite to eat, to enjoy the view.

Damajagua Cascades (20 - 30 minutes west of Puerto Plata)

These 27 waterfalls, the Damajaqua Cascades, are located 20 - 30 minutes from Puerto Plata. There are many Guides at the entrance who will take you through the route for a tip. It is a 30 minute walk to the first waterfall and most people are able to climb up to the seventh fall. An alternate route is to climb up the footpath and cascade the waterfalls back down.

Mount Isabela de Torres (Puerto Plata)

From Puerto Plata you can take a cable car up to the top of the highest manicured gardens in the Caribbean, providing specatacular views of the city and surrounding areas below. At the summit is the statue of Christ the Redeemer , tropical gardens and a restuarant. If you're looking for more of an adventure-type trip, the mountain can also be hiked (approximately 4 hours) to the top, through a canopy of tropical forests.

Ocean World Adventure Park (Cofresi)

This marine park has the world's largest dolphin lagoon, the only sea lion encounter of its kind, the world's first shark interaction pool, along with tigers, exotic birds, reptiles and tropical fish. There is also restaurants and souvenir shops on site.

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