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Vehicle Rental in the Dominican Republic

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If you plan on doing some site-seeing in the Dominican Republic, and want to have the freedom of coming and going when you please, you may want to rent a vehicle during your visit. All Dominican Republic Airports and most tourism destinations in the Dominican Republic have rent-a-car offices available offering this service. Some tourism destinations also offer motorcycle, scooter, or 4-wheel drive terrain bike rental, by the hour, half-day, full day, and for longer rental periods.

Generally, the minimum age to rent a vehicle is 21 years old (in some cases, 25 years old with major rentals). You will need to produce a valid Passport, valid Driver's License (International or from your own country) and credit card, to secure a vehicle rental contract. Most rental companies will expect to take an open credit card voucher or your Passport, which they'll return when you return the vehicle in the good order. If you are not covered for vehicle rental insurance with your credit card, you will want to ensure you find out about the insurance details that cover/don't cover the particular vehicle you choose to rent before you sign the rental agreement. Insurance is relatively expensive and a collision-damage waiver is essential if you don't want to pay for the full value of repairs for damages, in the event of an accident. To avoid problems, be sure to check there is adequate insurance coverage and thoroughly inspect the vehicle you are renting before leaving the rental agency, to ensure your vehicle rental contract indicates any existing damage to the vehicle. If renting a car, van, or truck, make sure there is a spare tire and jack in the event of a flat tire. Last, but not least, ensure you have a contact number from the Operator, in the event you encounter problems.

The driver's side is on the left of the vehicle (as it is in North America). Driving in the Dominican Republic is done on the right side (as it is in North America). While driving/road laws/rules are similar to those in North America, not a lot of these laws/rules are enforced in the Dominican Republic, except in some of the larger cities. You'll see all types of vehicles, in all types of shape, including vehicles that are missing parts, lights, etc. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid night driving when you can. The roads are poorly lit and animals can roam across without being noticed. Speeding and tailgating are quite common, and passing is done almost anywhere (including curved road areas). One commonly practiced custom is honking your horn to give warning before passing. The main roads throughout the Dominican Republic are in good condition, while secondary roads can have stretches of potholes and ruts, or even unpaved sections and shallow river crossings in the countryside. Gas stations measure fuel by the American gallon and toll must be paid on expressways in and out of Santo Domingo.

To find out more information about vehicle rental (type of vehicle, rental rate, etc.), or to make your vehicle rental reservation prior to your arrival, please visit one of the Vehicle Rental Agents listed below.

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