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Surfing and Boogie-Boarding in the Dominican Republic

The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is one of the best-kept secrets in the surfing world. Safe, clear, warm waters, and clean, uncrowded waves make this area excellent for surfing and body/boogie boarding. Playa Encuentro (near Cabarete), Playa Grande and Playa Preciosa (near Rio San Juan) and Playa Boba (near Nagua), are good surfing spots for beginners, as well as those looking for something a more challenging. Most local surfers are very friendly and will help you with the area's conditions and rules, if asked. The best time of year to surf is from mid-December to April, but surfing can be done all year round when various swells roll in. Surf lessons and board rental are available through Cabarete watersports clubs and Playa Encuentro (10 minutes west of Cabarete) surf clubs.

There are currently 2 listings in this category.

happyCabarete Windsports Club - WINDSURFING in Cabarete
We have all you need for a perfect windsurfing or kitesurfing vacation: gear, lessons, and storage; excellent accommodations; a beach restaurant and bar, and lots more...

cabaretewindsurfingCabareteWindsurfing.com - WINDSURFING in Cabarete
Portal website for windsurfing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, containing windsurf centers, lodging, maps, and lots more.

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