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Mountain biking in the Dominican Republic

Mountain biking can be done all over the island, with the majority of rides taking place in the northern mountain range (Cordillera Septentrional) and the central mountain range (Cordillera Central). Rides range from beginner trails to challenging all-day or overnight advanced level rides through lush rolling hills and mountain areas with unparalleled single tracks. With its countless unpaved roads and mule trails, the Dominican Republic seems to have been made for mountain biking. Enthusiasts will find that most of the larger cities in the country have a mountain biking club that welcome foreigners for participation in their weekly rides. Regardless of where you bike, you'll find the scenery breathtaking and have an opportunity to see local towns and villages, and flora and fauna that cannot generally be seen in any other way.

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iguanamamaIguana Mama - BIKING, CANYONING, HIKING in Cabarete
Lonely Planet says: "Iguana Mama is the TOP Adveture Tour Operator in the the Dominican Republic." Based in Cabarete and serving most of the North Coast, it's your one stop for any adventure trips. Whale-watching: Jan, Feb, Mar.

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