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Hiking & Trekking in the Dominican Republic

Hiking or trekking is generally done in one of the Dominican Republic's five separate mountain ranges, or in the various national parks or reserves found throughout the country. The majority of serious trekking trips take place on the Cordillera Central range, which includes Pico Duarte, the Caribbean's highest peak, at over 3000 meters (over 10,000 feet). Walking or hiking trips through the various national parks can include anything from seeing protected desert areas, to mangrove swamps and forests, to cave networks that display Taino Indian art (done hundreds and thousands of years ago), to nature preserves with hundreds of different species of birds, reptiles and other tropical fauna. There are some Tour Operators offering guided trips into the most popular climbing/hiking areas, but when there isn't, it would be wise to hire a guide local to the area, as many of these areas/parks do not have well marked trails.

Please see National Parks at DominicanAdventures.com for more information on what different parks and reserves have to offer visitors.

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iguanamamaIguana Mama - BIKING, CANYONING, HIKING in Cabarete
Lonely Planet says: "Iguana Mama is the TOP Adveture Tour Operator in the the Dominican Republic." Based in Cabarete and serving most of the North Coast, it's your one stop for any adventure trips. Whale-watching: Jan, Feb, Mar.

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