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Canyoning & Cascading in the Dominican Republic

Canyoning/cascading is everything 'adventure' can offer you and more. These trips mean doing whatever it takes to take you from point A to point B in a river canyon: hiking, swimming, wading, rappelling, jumping, etc. Canyoning is the adventure many people believe was their most memorable experience during their visit to the Dominican Republic. When you go canyoning, you climb, you slide, you jump, you swim, and you smile. And you do all of this in the midst of truly incredible Dominican nature, consisting of lush tropical flora, limestone caves, amazing waterfalls and crystal clear pools. All you need to participate is stamina, swimming skills and a desire for adventure. Trip options range from small climbs, abseils and jumps, to technical abseils and up to 10 m (50 ft) jumps. Most of the canyoning/cascading trips take place in areas around Cabarete and Jarabacoa.

There is currently one listing in this category.

iguanamamaIguana Mama - BIKING, CANYONING, HIKING in Cabarete
Lonely Planet says: "Iguana Mama is the TOP Adveture Tour Operator in the the Dominican Republic." Based in Cabarete and serving most of the North Coast, it's your one stop for any adventure trips. Whale-watching: Jan, Feb, Mar.

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