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When and Where to Visit the Dominican Republic

When to Visit the Dominican Republic

Any time is a good time to visit the Dominican Republic because of its warm and generally sunny climate all year round. Some call the weather here 'the endless summer'. There are months where it is more likely you'll have rain. If you wish to avoid these periods, please visit our Climate section to find out when these are, as these occur at different times depending on the area of the country you may be visiting. The busiest tourism season in the Dominican Republic runs from December through April, where many North Americans and Europeans visit to get a warm, tropical break from the cold temperatures in their home countries. The next busiest period is in the summer months, June through September, when the majority of visitors are made up of Europeans visiting for their long summer vacations. Generally, the busier the season, the more in advance you should begin to plan your visit in order to secure your flight and accommodations of choice. Accommodation rates fluctuate slightly (are generally higher) during the busier tourism months, but almost all other costs, such as food & beverages, excursions, sporting activities, etc., remain constant year-round.

Where to to go in the Dominican Republic

That depends very much on what you want out of your vacation. We have prepared a whole section on tourist desinations in the Dominican Republic. Please refer to that section to make your choice.

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