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Date & Time in the Dominican Republic: Thu, 20 Jan 2022; 04:27 PM   
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Traveling between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

There are two main entry points between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. One is at Jimani, in the south, on the road that connects Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The second is at Dajabon, in the north, which goes from Cap Haitien to Santiago. Private motor vehicles must obtain special government permission from the country of origin. It is not possible to cross the border between countries with rental vehicles. The border crossing points between the Dominican Republic and Haiti close at 6 PM Dominican time, and do not re-open until 8 AM the next morning. Arriving after 6 PM means you may not be able to cross until the following morning.

There are commercial overland transportation companies operating between Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in the south; and between Cap-Haitien and Santiago in the north. These companies come and go. We tried to keep the info up to date but there were just too many changes. The only company that has been operating for many years is Caribe Tour. Please go to their website or call +1-809-221-4422 extension 2023 to get the latest info. The latest info we have from them is as follows: (updated March 1st, 2012)

The Port-au-Prince route:
Santo Domingo to Port-au Prince: 2 daily buses leaving at 9AM and 11AM. Price is some US$40 + US$21 (some tax - probably border crossing) + 100 pesos (some other tax).
Port-au-Prince to Santo Domingo. 2 daily buses leaving at 8AM and 10AM. Price: US$40 + US$10 and the extra 100 pesos was not clear ("You will see when you get there" was what the unfriendly lady told us).

The Cap-Haitien Route:
Santo Domingo - Santiago - Cap-Haitien: 1 daily bus leaving at 9AM and stopping in Santiago at 12-noon and getting to Cap-Haitien at around 6PM.
Price from Santo Domingo: US$30 +US$21 (and maybe another 100 pesos).
Price from Santiago: US$20 + US$21 (and maybe another 100 pesos).
Cap-Haitien - Santiago - Santo Domingo: 1 daily bus leaving at 9AM. Gets to Santiago at around 3PM and Santo Domingo at around 6PM.
Price is US$30 + US$10 to Santo Domingo and US$20 + US$10 to Santiago.

There are a few smaller 30-passenger buses run by a syndicate of small Dominican operators that depart from rue du Centre (between rue Pavée and rue des Miracle ) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, at approximately 11 AM each morning, Monday through Friday. The cost to travel on these buses is approximately US $25-35 for one way, but they may be considerably slower than the Caribe Tours buses, because they carry merchandise between the two countries that must be inspected by Customs at the border. This trip can take up to 8 hours depending on the amount of time the merchandise is inspected at Customs. These buses return to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the following day (between Monday and Friday).

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