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Date & Time in the Dominican Republic: Thu, 20 Jan 2022; 05:04 PM   
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Traveling to and from the Dominican Republic

You can fly to the Dominican Republic from most major cities in the world, be it by scheduled airline flight, or by charter airline flights that run from many major world cities the during the busier tourism seasons. Ferries are available from Puerto Rico and you can get to the Dominican Republic over land, from Haiti. Please see the information in this section for the transport method you wish to use to visit the Dominican Republic.

  • Important Note #1:Recreational/illicit drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, are strictly illegal in the Dominican Republic, and these laws are severely enforced. Baggage may be closely inspected when entering the country and penalties for possession, even for very small amounts, are extremely severe.
  • Important Note #2: The information in this section is subject to change from time to time. If you know that any of the information provided here is no longer correct, please let us know by sending us this information through the form below.

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