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Baseball and the Dominican Republic

Baseball, Vladimir Guerrero, Dominican Republic
Vladimir Guerrero, Dominican Baseball Super Star

The USA brought the game of baseball to Cuba in the mid-1860's and it was Cuban immigrants, fleeing their country's ten-year war, from 1868-1878, who spread the game throughout the Caribbean, which included the Dominican Republic. Dominicans embraced the sport very quickly and began organizing teams and tournaments. By the 1920's Dominican teams were competing against other Caribbean countries and teams in North America. The game enjoyed most of its popularity in the southeast of the country, where generations involved in the sugarcane industry learned the sport during the season's down time. The sugarcane factory owners actually encouraged employees to participate in the sport and gave financially to the practice of this game. This area of the country still produces the greatest number of players who go on to play professionally. In fact, there are more Dominican players in the minor and major American leagues than there are of all other players of Caribbean nationality combined. All major league teams have training camps in the Dominican Republic, to scout and train players for professional potential. No matter where you travel to in the Dominican Republic you are likely to find at least one Baseball Park close by. If you visit during the official baseball season, October to February, be sure to catch a game and feel the incredible passion the Dominican people have for their national sport.

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