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Date & Time in the Dominican Republic: Mon, 06 Dec 2021; 04:20 AM   
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Taxes and Tipping in the Dominican Republic

There is a 16% sales tax (ITBIS) businesses charge for the sale of their products and/or services. By law, particular establishments, for example hotels and restaurants, are also able to add a 10% service charge. Some businesses include this tax and any service charges in their prices, but some do not, so it would be wise to ask before making your purchase. Many times even if there is a 10% service charge added to your bill, this amount is not provided to the staff that provided you the service. If you feel the service you received deserves extra recognition, it will certainly be appreciated as hourly wages are quite low. The average is about 10% of the total cost of the service for restaurants. For baggage handlers at airports, taxi drivers, hotel cleaning staff, etc., use your own discretion based on the service they provide you.

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Mon, 06 Dec 2021

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