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Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

Boca Chica is located just a 15 minute's drive east of Santo Domingo's major airport, Las Americas International Airport. Before Columbus arrived to the DR, this area was of major importance to the Taino civilization. The area did not have a lot happening from then until the Trujillo era (1931-1961), at which time it became a popular resort destination for wealthy Dominicans from the capital. The 1970's brought outside tourism and the town and surrounding area grew accordingly. Boca Chica is best known for its beautiful white sand beach located in a small cove protected by a protruding reef surrounding the cove. These geographical features create what has been described as a great big swimming pool. The shallow depth of the cove and the outside reef keep the waters within the cove crystal clear and calm - especially safe for children. In addition to swimming, watersports like snorkeling, waterskiing, paddle boating, kayaking, windsurfing and jet skiing, take place. At night the town comes alive with incredible dining and nightlife options. Popular excursions include trips to the capital; diving at La Caleta Submarine National Park, Saona or Catalina Island; horseback riding; deep-sea fishing; or watching one of the daily baseball games taking place at Calle del Sur .

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