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Las Galeras, Dominican Republic

Nearby Rincón Beach

Las Galeras Beach

Secluded Playa Fronton (also great for rock-climbing)

A boat ride is the preferred way of transportation to get to the secluded beaches.

Up until a few years ago, Las Galeras was yet another small fishing village with untouched natural beauty. Probably due to it's close proximity to Samaná, it was wealthy Dominicans who were first to discover this secret paradise as a vacation destination. Since then, the village has seen quite some growth, with new hotels, restaurants and shops. But because Las Galeras is not really located on the 'beaten path', and is a little more difficult to get to than many other tourism destinations, it has still managed to maintain its small village charm and laidback ambiance. The key reason to visit Las Galeras is its tranquil horseshoe-shaped cove of powder white sand, clear Caribbean green waters and picturesque surroundings. Horseback riding, snorkeling and diving, are the activities of choice here. Some visitors stay in Las Galeras if they plan on visiting the beautiful beach, Playa Rincón, or are taking part in a whale-watching excursion done out of nearby Samaná. Another popular activity is to take a boat to Playa Rincón and a couple of other beaches, which would be virtually impossible to access otherwise. This excursion can't help but give you a 'Robinson Crusoe' feel.

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