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Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic

Until the late 19th century, the Samaná Peninsula was once its own island, separated from the mainland by a very narrow channel. Over time, sediment filled the channel, joining it to the mainland to form a peninsula. Although it was one of Columbus' stops in 1493, it was not 'officially' founded by Spain until the arrival of people from the Canary Islands in 1756. Since that time the area has undergone fighting pirates and some interesting wrangling for ownership. Spain gave it to Napoleon Bonaparte in exchange for land he controlled in Spain. Bonaparte's grand plans for the island were interrupted by a revolution in Haiti, two invasions by Britain, and civil war among some of the French whom were operating from there. The French finally took possession in 1802, but departed after being attacked by both Haitian and British forces. The 1820's saw the arrival of freed English-speaking African-Americans whose customs influence the area to this day. During the mid-1800's the U.S. government tried to acquire the area twice, but in the end was unsuccessful on both attempts.

The entire peninsula is incredibly gorgeous - definitely in the typical 'Caribbean' sense - with thick palm forests, kilometers of unspoiled white sand beaches, and clear turquoise waters. The middle of the peninsula is made up of high mountain passes that host magnificent views, lush tropical forests, and a number of waterfalls.

Here are the three main tourist destinations in the Samana Peninsula:

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