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Sosua, Dominican Republic

Main Sosua Beach

Sosua, located approximately 25 km east of Puerto Plata, and less than 10 km east from Puerto Plata International Airport , is divided into two areas - Los Charamicos (western side) and El Batey (eastern side). Los Charamicos is predominantly occupied by Dominicans who make their living through fishing, tourism jobs or small businesses. El Batey first saw growth in the early 1940's, when an influx of Jewish settlers, escaping Nazi Germany, settled here and developed a dairy industry. Productos Sosua, a producer of dairy products and grocery store chain, is one of the businesses they started that still thrives today. Although many of these settlers moved on, their legacy continues with a small local Jewish community and Synagogue. After this period there was a boom of wealthy Dominicans and Expats whom built beach homes here. The 1970's and 80's saw an influx of tourism to the area, and many hotels, restaurants and shops were built. Over the years since, the town did experience some ups and downs, with pockets of 'sex tourism' earning the area a bit of a seedy reputation. In the last few years, Expats and others who make this town their home, rallied to clean it up and invest in its future. New hotels have been built and tourism has increased to the area. Although the town offers numerous restaurants, bars, activities and 5 beaches to choose from, it's Sosua Beach that amazes most of its visitors. This 1/2 km of beach has beautiful soft, white sand, clear turquoise waters, and sits sheltered in a small cove surrounded by amazing high coral cliffs. Just behind the beach there are plenty of souvenir shops and restaurants vying for your business. This is also where most snorkeling and diving tours depart from.

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