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Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata's Central Park

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Fort San Felipe

Puert Plata Port

Brugal Rum Factory

Christopher Columbus discovered this natural port in the early 1490's. History has provided a couple of explanations for its name, which translated into English, means Port of Silver . Some say it was due to the silvery appearance the mist took on the background mountain, Isabela de Torres. Others say it wasn't the mist at all, but the silvery looking leaves of the guayaba trees that grow on the mountain. Others believe it derived from the appearance of thousands of shimmering silver coins in the port's waters at sunset. The beauty of Puerto Plata is illustrated by its nickname, 'La Novia del Atlantico' (The Bride of the Atlantic).

In 1540 the first fort in the New World was built, Fuerte de San Felipe, and the port became a stop for traders between Europe and this area. During the 1600's the Spanish lost interest in the port, moving south to Santo Domingo and the neighboring Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba. Having been abandoned, illicit activities increased, and as a result, the city was later destroyed by Spanish royal decree. In the 1740's the city was rebuilt by some Spanish families who immigrated from the Canary Islands. The thriving port and a tobacco boom made this city the wealthiest and cosmopolitan in the Caribbean for a few decades, beginning in the 1870's. It lost most of its importance of that time but did grow into the largest city on the North Coast of the country. The 1970's brought tourism to the area and while the city of Puerto Plata did not itself become a major tourist destination, it continues to have many visitors from the surrounding resort areas.

Many visit the city to see the historic fort, Fuerte de San Felipe, and the Victorian gingerbread-like mansions from the late 1800's, located in the older part of the city. There is a 2 km boardwalk, or Malecón, lined with typical Dominican restaurants, where you can take a walk and enjoy views of the port and the Atlantic Ocean. Popular attractions include the Amber Museum of Puerto Plata, featuring leaves, flowers, insects and reptile fossils trapped in amber (resin) pieces; the Brugal Rum Distillery, where they offer guided tours of how their rum is made; Central & Independance Parks, where you can see city residents enjoy a break from the mid-day sun under the shade of trees; and Mount Isabel de Torres , the mountain located just behind Puerto Plata. You can take a gondola/cable car from Puerto Plata, to the top, which will provide you with spectacular views of the city and surround area. Once at the top, you'll find the statue of Christ the Redeemer and beautiful botanical gardens.

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