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Lupéron, Dominican Republic

Lupéron Harbor

La Isabela

Lupéron is located in a large bay, approximately 50 km west of Puerto Plata. Most of the 20,000 inhabitants of this port town make their living through fishing in the area. The town is fairly laid back and doesn't experience a heck of a lot of tourism. Most visitors are from the Puerto Plata or Playa Dorada resorts, and are passing through on their way to explore the beautiful beaches, transparent waters and mangrove forests of the surrounding area. Lupéron is predominantly known for its marina, Puerto Blanca Marina , located on the outskirts of town. This bay location provides the perfect mooring spot for large fishing vessels and sailboats, looking to explore a bit of the Dominican Republic, stock up on supplies for the rest of their journey, or seek tranquil refuge if there is stormy weather out at sea. Lupéron is considered to be the only safe harbor in the Dominican Republic.

12 miles from here, you will find La Isabela, site of the first constructed Spanish settlement and today a protected park, testament to the true beginning of America.

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