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The North Coast of the Dominican Republic

Running along the Atlantic Ocean, the north coast of the Dominican Republic extends from the Haitian border in the west to the tip of the Samana Peninsula in the east. Although the North Coast contains 25 of the Dominican Republic's 27 climatic zones, it can be divided into three distinct regions. The dry and arid western part of the North Coast is further characterized mostly by low elevations, scrub brush vegetation, and its two unique National Parks of unparalleled marine and mangrove beauty. The Amber Coast, aptly named for its rich deposits of amber runs from Cofresi in on the west to about Nagua on the east. In addition to lush low mountain forests and long stretches of golden beaches, the greatest concentration of tourist faculties and resorts can be found here. The Amber Coast is a virtual playground for those interested in pursuing mountain biking, horseback riding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, and other adventure sports. Jutting out into the Atlantic like a finger, the Samana Peninsula is the quintessential Caribbean that we all dream of, with its endless, deserted beaches dotted with coconut trees meeting calm turquoise waters. The Samana Peninsula is best known for the around 10,000 Humpback whales of the North Atlantic population that migrate to this region for the warm waters in order to mate and to give birth to a new generation of whales every January through March. Wherever you chose to visit or go on holiday, the North Coast of the Dominican Republic will not disappoint.

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